In addition to natural breeding, OSSVH offers artificial insemination (AI) with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen. AI techniques include vaginal insemination, transcervical insemination, and surgical implant.
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Artificial Insemination

A male French Bulldogs will face difficulties in mounting a female French Bulldog, and when he manages to do it, the male will find it hard to maintain the tie. The oversized heads and narrow hips make it difficult for the male to successful copulate. Also, the exertion involved in mating simply can be too much of a physical strain on a dog that has an impaired respiratory system. In most breeds of dogs natural mating is the safest, most effective, and cheapest way to produce a litter of puppies—not so much when breeding French bulldogs.

In French bulldogs, even the travel involved may be taxing or dangerous for the dogs. French bulldogs can’t really be transported by airplane like other dogs. Cargo holds of airplanes are too warm for french bulldogs. They can’t cool themselves by panting like other dogs, and the temperatures in cargo holds can cause fatal heat stroke in French bulldogs.

Artificial insemination becomes the prime choice for most french bulldogs breeders simply because it is the safest and most convenient way of breeding French Bulldogs.